How we select articles for News Guides

Think nationally, act locally

Hometown focuses on local issues, because they’re the ones we have the most power to do something about.

But those issues are often part of a broader conversation, with terrific writing and reporting being done by national publications.

These perspectives can help inform a community’s approach to local issues, which is why we include them in Hometown News Guides.

Selection criteria

Our small editorial team makes the decision about which national articles to include, based on three key factors:

  • Quality: How intellectually honest and rigorous is the argument?
  • Helpfulness: Would reading this article help our users better understand the issue in order to do something about it?
  • Diversity: Are we highlighting opposing and complementary perspectives on the issue?

For each article, we include our reasoning for selecting it and what we intend the reader to get from it.

But as with all editorial decisions, there is no way to be 100% objective. Including an article is not an endorsement of its conclusions. Instead, we strive for content that exposes our readers to a variety of perspectives, so they can take action in their communities with empathy and wisdom.

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