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Local news, beautifully organized

Hometown organize local news from dozens of high-quality sources into guides. Guides give context and update over time as a story develops. Subscribe to the ones you care about most.

Articles from national conversation to help you understand local issues

Hometown highlights articles with a range of helpful perspectives from top publications, like The Atlantic, The New York Times, and NPR. How we select them ▸

Guides to neighborhood issues, too

It's the issues right outside our door that affect our daily lives the most. That's why Hometown covers things like proposed developments, road repaving, and street art.

Actually do something about the news

Want to help make a change? Hometown shows you the people and organizations to get in touch with. Have a question about the news? Our team will investigate it on your behalf. How it works ▸


Get to know the folks behind Hometown

Hometown was founded by a designer, engineer, and journalist. Our mission is to create a news experience that helps people get more involved in their community.

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